My Services

Note: Appointments should be booked 24 hours prior or will be refunded and canceled unless instructed by me


Men's Line Up

$25 for 15 minutes

Hair art & cut (ADULT)

$60 for 45 minutes

Get an amazing design and a clean haircut

Hair art & cut (KIDS)

$35 and up for 60 minutes

Are you a cool kid needing a cool design?

House calls

$150 per person

Enjoy any service from my menu in the comforts of your own home. Price varies depending on distance.

Please call me at 310-614-4421 before booking online.

Line-Up with taper (No cut)

$40 for 30 minutes

Line up & taper without cutting the hair on top including face shave.

Hot towel & razor shave

$40 for 45 minutes

Recieve a refreshing hot towel treatment and razor shave followed by my signature FROST TOWEL

Kids haircut

$25 for 30 minutes

Full service haircut “beard included”

$50 and up for 45 minutes

Basic Cut (NO BEARD)

$40 for 45 minutes


Shampoo & Conditioner

$10 for 15 minutes

Get refreshing shampoo & conditioner

Specialty Haircut

$60 and up for 60 minutes

Fauxhawk/frohawk, afros, high top fades, comb over with side part & scissor cuts


$75 for 90 minutes

Expect a pumpkin exfoliate scrub followed by a cucumber cleanser ended with a black mast peel for blackhead removal.


$75 for 60 minutes

Deep pumpkin scrub exfoliation followed by a steam towel and blackhead removal peel off mask.

Men’s Haircut & Facial

$100 for 105 minutes

Enjoy a great haircut followed by a relaxing facial.


$75 for 60 minutes

Lets get you exfoliated so u can Enjoy a relaxing ROSE WATER ginger gel ANTI-AGING facial

Taper, line up and beard

$50 for 45 minutes

Line up, taper with beard line up ONLY!

Scissor Cuts

$60 for 30 minutes

Wedding Package

$595 and up for 480 minutes

Wedding packages only cover 6 groomsmen. Any additional groomsmen will be charged accordingly. Includes wash, dry, haircut (of choice) razor shave(optional), razor line, “smoothing” facial treatment, hot towel & frost towel treatment.

24k Gold Mask Peel Facial

$75 for 45 minutes

Haircut, brows facial

$100 for 90 minutes

Taper & line ONLY (NO FACE)

$40 for 30 minutes

Sides and back taper with line only.

Kids line up

$10 for 15 minutes

Mens line up and facial

$50 for 45 minutes

Beard line up (Only)

$10 for 15 minutes

Women's Line up

$25 for 15 minutes

Womens undercut without design

$30 for 45 minutes

Womens Undercut With Design

$50 for 45 minutes

Young Adult Cuts (14-18)

$30 for 45 minutes

Haircut (Bevel Blade Line up)

$50 for 15 minutes

Haircut (includes hair fiber enhancement + Bevel Blade Line)

$100for 1 hour